Here’s a brief guide on how to use some sections of the website:

How To Register

How To Subscribe To A Plan

Group/School Membership

Members Area

How To Register


How to Subscribe to a plan


Group/School Membership

This subscription is valid for 50 seats (students, members). The person who subscribes to this plan will be able to invite an additional 49 members. The process is simple and straightforward. Please see the images below.


  • A single person manages the billing of the subscription.
  • The Group Owner can invite and remove members.
  • If the owners subscription expires, every subscription from that group will expire as well.



When a user follows an invitation link for a Group/School Membership he/she will only need to provide information about his/her account. There will be no payment and no membership selection, this is determined automatically.

The invited user (student) will not be able to specify a different email address than the one the invitation was sent to.

At the top of the form, the invited user will see a short message explaining that he/she was invited to join this website and by whom.



The Group Owner Dashboard is the place group owners use to manage the members of their Group/School Membership.

It allows the owner to invite or remove members, resend invitations or edit the group details.

The page can be accessed by clicking on Manage Group link which is available on your Edit Profile page: 


Once clicked, you will see the panel below: 


In the Members List section the owner can see the users that were invited and also users that already registered for the Group/School Membership.

Through the Actions column, the admin can remove an existing or an invited user and also resend invitations for users that have not yet registered.

By clicking on the column headers for Email, Name or Status the list can be sorted in ascending or descending order.

The search field at the top lets the group owner find members quickly.


See example below:

Members Area

Here you will find the specific information for your membership. Please note that this area is only visible when you have registered and logged on to the website.







You will be able to edit your profile (First and Last name, Password etc), view your subscription plan, Payment history if available.

You will be able to view the quiz results, Membership points that have been accumulated from your activity on the website and any bookmarks that you have saved.