The new and improved edition of The Pre GCSE Arabic Companion textbook!

New Feature: Now with audio files to accompany the listening exercises.




The Pre-GCSE Arabic Companion is designed to offer the learner of Arabic plenty of opportunity to learn, practise and explore Arabic in an engaging way that is easy to follow. The textbook follows the widely used strategies in Modern Foreign Languages teaching.

It is a resource for the non native speakers, hence the mix of Arabic and English questions and explanations included in the lessons. This book is also a resource that prepares the young learners for a higher level of competency leading to the GCSE in Arabic.

  • Written by a highly experienced teacher.
  • Provides the class teacher with good support and ready-made lessons.
  • Designed for non native speakers.
  • Contains essential units and topics for the general use of Arabic in class and in everyday context.
  • Contains attractive design and engaging features which make the book accessible to every student.
  • Supported by a companion website which includes supplementary material.
  • Comes with free audio files on

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1. About Me

2. My Country

3. My Family

4. What Are They Like?

5. My House

6. My Daily Routine

7. Hobbies

8. My Job

9. In My Town

10. At School

11. My Health

12. Transport

13. Clothes

14. Food


Listening Transcripts