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  • Free subscription plan with limited access to resources and pages.
    Access to Full Membership resources related to the Companion Books and classroom resources for the teachers and students of Arabic: * Audio files for The New GCSE Arabic Companion (9-1) * Listening transcript for The New GCSE Arabic Companion (9-1) * Listening Resources (Audio/video + Quizzes + Transcripts) (Listening Resources Plan included here) * Reading Resources (Comprehension texts + Questions + Downloadable worksheets) * Any Powerpoints and worksheets related to the books. * Any other resources that will be added.
    With this plan (which is included in the Full Membership plan), you have access to all the pages with listening resources: - Audio/video clips - Transcripts - Interactive Quizzes Please note, this plan is only for these specific pages. It is not a site-wide plan.
    A Listening Resources subscription to schools for 30 members. The subscription will be active for one member who can invite 29 other members and monitor their subscriptions.
    A Full Membership subscription to schools for 50 members.
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