InterLingo Languages website is a digital resources platform that provides Arabic language practice to learners and teachers. 

Teachers could use the website to offer practice resources to the students in class or at home. There are tons of great choices there when you’re looking for resources for in-class activities.

The students could use the interactive quizzes to consolidate their learning with the automatic self-check quiz results. 

In the listening resources (The Library section), you will find real-world videos—like music videos, reports, news bulletins and more—and turns them into personalised language-learning lessons for the teachers and their students.

It’s got a growing collection of authentic Arabic videos and audio files that people in the Arabic-speaking world actually watch and listen to regularly. 

The website is in continuous development with resources added regularly. Check often to see what’s added. Alternatively, subscribe to the Newsletters to receive updates on any new resources.

In The Library section, you will find a Sample Resources menu to sample the different resources we offer.

The low subscription fee is intended to encourage membership subscriptions and to reflect the on-going growth of the website. If you are uncertain about what the website offers, please do send us an email via the Contact Us page.


We strive to use material that does not infringe any copyright and publisher rights. 


Thank you


InterLingo Languages