Old Islamic Manuscripts-Poster
Negation Review Sheet
Reading and Writing Assessment- Clothes
Key Expressions for GCSE and Higher Level
School Writing Frame
E-learning vs Traditional Learning - Reading worksheet
Listening Assessment A- Beginner
Listening Assessment B- Beginner
Reading Assessment vA - Beginner
InfoGrid - pdf
Jobs Worksheet - PDF
The Pre-GCSE Arabic Companion's Scheme of Work
Zodiac Signs in Arabic for Class use.
New GCSE Arabic Companion (9-1)
The Beginner's Arabic Companion
The New GCSE Arabic Companion Vocabulary List
The New GCSE Arabic Companion Listening Transcript
Display Posters
Board Game - Social Networks
Year 10 Reading Assessment 1
Reading Assessment Beginner vB
Reading Assessment vC Beginner Level
Attainment Levels for KS4
List of writing tasks in The New GCSE Arabic Companion
The Arabic Root System
Arabic Collocations
Al Hamza Rules Poster
Clothes Poster - Who's who?
The New GCSE Arabic Companion Daily Revision Schedule
11 Arab Proverbs Posters
Video Stories
Describing Appearance - A1 Poster
Emotions - Poster
Scheme of work for The New GCSE Arabic Companion
Beginner Audio book
Writing Extension Work for the New GCSE
Speaking Exam Practice & Guide Book
Grammar Rules
PowerPoint Arabic Language Lessons (slides in Arabic)
Bila Soorah! Without a Picture!
Projection of Topics/Grammar/Vocab by Level and Year
GCSE Arabic Companion
Speaking Companion - Sample
Are You Healthy? - A1 Poster
The Pre-GCSE Arabic Companion
My Family Worksheet - Beginners
Letter Differentiation Practice
Sound Discrimination Sheet
Greeting Flashcards
Short and Long Vowel Words
GCSE Arabic Speaking Companion
الملكة ورؤساء الوزراء
Queen and castle - Jobs
Arabic Calligraphy
Arabic Graffiti
Arab Personalities
Keep Calm - In English
Keep Calm - In Arabic
Companion -Sample
A1 Poster: Arabic Book Covers
How To Write In Arabic
Arabic Days
IGCSE Arabic First Language Exams
Sinbad's Travels - رحلات سندباد
Places in town flashcards
Life is sweet poster
Le Compagnon de La Conversation Arabe
Sing & Learn Arabic
GCSE Arabic Speaking Practice Booklet
Wordsearch - Numbers
Greetings & Numbers
Useful Greeting Expressions
Snakes & Ladders Game
Arabic Stories - Advanced
Fanar - Arabic Book - Beginners to Advanced
Caring for your dog - Arabic leaflet
Pictures for Speaking Assessment
Attainment Levels For Arabic - Secondary

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