Attainment Levels for KS4
Negation Review Sheet
InfoGrid - pdf
Jobs Worksheet - PDF
The Pre-GCSE Arabic Companion's Scheme of Work
Year 10 Reading Assessment 1
Board Game - Social Networks
Display Posters
The New GCSE Arabic Companion Listening Transcript
The New GCSE Arabic Companion Vocabulary List
The Beginner's Arabic Companion
New GCSE Arabic Companion (9-1)
Zodiac Signs in Arabic for Class use.
Old Islamic Manuscripts-Poster
Projection of Topics/Grammar/Vocab by Level and Year
Attainment Levels For Arabic - Secondary
Reading and Writing Assessment- Clothes
Key Expressions for GCSE and Higher Level
School Writing Frame
11 Arab Proverbs Posters
Video Stories
PowerPoint Arabic Language Lessons (slides in Arabic)
Grammar Rules
Speaking Exam Practice & Guide Book
Writing Extension Work for the New GCSE
Beginner Audio book
Scheme of work for The New GCSE Arabic Companion
Emotions - Poster
Describing Appearance - A1 Poster
Reading Assessment vC Beginner Level
Reading Assessment Beginner vB
Reading Assessment vA - Beginner
Listening Assessment B- Beginner
Listening Assessment A- Beginner
E-learning vs Traditional Learning - Reading worksheet
Letter Differentiation Practice
My Family Worksheet - Beginners
The Pre-GCSE Arabic Companion
Are You Healthy? - A1 Poster
Speaking Companion - Sample
GCSE Arabic Speaking Companion
الملكة ورؤساء الوزراء
Queen and castle - Jobs
Edexcel's Vocab List
How To Write In Arabic
A1 Poster: Arabic Book Covers
Companion -Sample
Keep Calm - In Arabic
Keep Calm - In English
Arab Personalities
Arabic Graffiti
Arabic Calligraphy
Sound Discrimination Sheet
Greeting Flashcards
Short and Long Vowel Words
Life is sweet poster
Places in town flashcards
Sinbad's Travels - رحلات سندباد
IGCSE Arabic First Language Exams
Le Compagnon de La Conversation Arabe
Sing & Learn Arabic
GCSE Arabic Speaking Practice Booklet
Pictures for Speaking Assessment
Caring for your dog - Arabic leaflet
Fanar - Arabic Book - Beginners to Advanced
Arabic Stories - Advanced
Snakes & Ladders Game
Useful Greeting Expressions
Greetings & Numbers
Wordsearch - Numbers
Arabic Days
GCSE Arabic Companion

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